Commercial Solar System Installation San Antonio, Texas on 36.9 kw Chestnut Street

36.9 kw Solar System Installation

Our Renewable Republic team recently completed another 36.9 kw Commercial Solar System Installation over in San Antonio, Texas on Chestnut Street.  The solar install took our guys just under 5 days to complete.  From laying solar rails, running electrical wire through conduit & mounting the grid tied power inverters.

Business Bottom Line Savings For 25-30 years

Eliminating or greatly reducing your annual electric bill will positively impact your businesses bottom line for 25-30 years.  Being able to live a more sustainable life is greatly helped by capturing all of that free energy the sun generously donates to us each day.

We have installed just over 2 MW of power to date and counting.  Let us help your business maximize your money saving potential.


The Renewable Republic specializes in both residential solar panel installation & commercial solar installs.  Our team is composed of a diverse mix of renewable energy specialists including a master electrician, a journeyman electrician & two apprentice electricians on staff that help compliment our several NABCEP certified solar panel pv installers.


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