South Texas is extremely blessed by the sun and the green power that it provides our great state.  Being a San Antonio solar installer provides us with not only great tans but also the opportunity to spread this unlimited solar power around to the congregations of Von Ormy.  It was our privilege to expertly install a 93kW solar panel system on a sprawling commercial metal roof housing a Chapel beneath.  Every time we do a Bexar county solar panel installation it is always a new experience even though we have years of experience between us.

As songs of praise filled the halls below, showers of sun rays beat down on the solar system.  Electrifying the entire building as power flowed through wire laden arteries installed by our solar panel installation crew.  Passion and praise came together today helping make our world a little bit of a better place that we all can live in.


Renewable Republic is a local San Antonio solar pv installer.  Our downtown warehouse at 1903 S. St Marys St. is our company headquarters where we stock all of our solar panels in San Antonio. 

The Renewable Republic specializes in both residential solar panel installation & commercial solar installs.  Our team is composed of a diverse mix of renewable energy specialists including a master electrician, a journeyman electrician & two apprentice electricians on staff that help compliment our several NABCEP certified solar panel pv installers. 
When working with the Renewable Republic, buying solar panels for your home becomes a simple task.  Once you get your FREE QUOTE & SITE ASSESMENT, we handle the solar permitting process, the pv panel installation and of course the CPS Energy solar rebate procedure that can get you UP TO $25,000.  
Most of our residential solar system installations can be installed in just 1-3 days once on site. Then we have an extensive staff to expedite the CPS rebate process. We will waste no time scheduling CPS energy to approve your solar panel install and get your green energy flowing.  Allowing you to just sit back and enjoy all of the energy savings benefits provided by the new solar pannel installation on your home. 
The Renewable Republic is highly experienced in grid tie solar & off-grid applications.  We can install roof mount solar & ground mount solar systems


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