6.76 kw San Antonio, Texas on Eagle Trail Residential Solar System Installation

Our expert solar installation team was able to seamlessly install the solar panels around the many roof vents & swamp coolers scattered throughout the roof.  This integration between solar design software & well trained solar installers created an elegant multi-tiered solar system setup that merged elegance and utility.



Bottom Line Electric Bill Savings For 25-30 years

Eliminating or greatly reducing your annual electric bill will positively impact your home budget bottom line for 25-30 years.  Being able to live a more sustainable life is greatly helped by capturing all of that free energy the sun generously donates to us each day.

Solar panels give us the freedom to weather the storm of ever increasing electric bills.  Take advantage of the lucrative CPS energy rebates while they are still available.  The longer you wait the lower the rebates will get!

We have installed just over 2 MW of power to date and counting.  Let us help your family maximize your money saving potential.


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